Manthan Analytics, or MA as it is popularly known, specializes in data analysis and providing customized information based on data from available sources.

To extract usable data from large tables is cumbersome. The large data sets with mindboggling numbers generally drive you away. This is why MA is there to help you out and give you the simple stories emerging from these huge data sets with interactive GIS maps and charts to carry forward your business, research or any other interest including your child’s school/collage project.

MA specialises in offering Consultanices on Census and other datasource for a fixed term. Once registered the Consultants from a large pool of experienced resource persons help you in project formaulation, data cololection and data analysis.

MA also specializes in developing training aids and training modules including e-learning modules, PPTs, etc.

MA also provides profile of Electoral Constituencies, its achievements and bottlenecks for quick information. Looking for new scripts, story board or lyrics, MA can help you with pool highly talented experts.

MA is a One Stop Solution for your data need.